Contact Person: Deidre Cooper

Telephone number: 022 433 1042

Email address:

Huis Van Heerde

“Huis Van Heerde” is a Child and Youth Care Centre (or Children’s Home as known by many) in Moorreesburg, South Africa. Moorreesburg is a town within the Swartland District and is also part of the so-called “West Coast “ District.

Huis van Heerde Child and Youth Care Centre (CYCC) accommodates 70 children from birth to 18 years (or until a child is no longer attending full-time education). All children/ youth are placed with Legal Orders by the Children’s Court of South Africa. Children are placed because they are in need of care and protection.

Huis Van Heerde is a programme of Badisa , which is a Non-Profit Organisation and Public Benefit Organisation managed jointly by the Dutch Reformed Church (“N.G. Kerk”) of the Western and Southern Cape and the Uniting Reformed Church of South Africa (URCSA or known in Afrikaans as the “Verenigende Gereformeerde Kerk”).

Huis Van Heerde’s caring today…. makes a difference to tomorrow. You are invited to read more about who we are and what we do…. and to join us in our efforts to make a difference!

Contact Person: Zanette Kellerman

Telephone number: 022 – 7144560

Email Address:

Saldanha Animal Care

Saldanha Animal Care is a non-profit, all-volunteer, foster home-based organization. Our mission is to treat pets and/or rescue lost, homeless and abandoned cats and dogs from our community and the surrounding area. We care for, protect and provide the animals with medical care, including spay or neuter, until adoption into a loving, permanent home.

As a non-profit organisation, we are fully dependent on donations from the public. Although we manage to collect money our very high vet accounts swallows 95% of our fundraising monies

We currently have 55 fur-children at the shelter. Some of them have been there for 4 years and will most probably stay with us forever. We do not give up on them. To feed these little monsters we utilize 30kg dry food per day. We therefore need 45 x 20kg bags per month. Running medical expenses in the form of sterilizations, inoculations, deworming and daily care amounts to no less than R20, 000 per month.

Saldanha Animal Care is fortunate to have an elderly gentleman that stays on the premises without electricity in a very simple Wendy house that we managed to put together from odds and end. He takes care of our fur-children 24 hours, 7 days a week. We have managed to rig up a solar system that provides enough power for lights and a laptop inside Wendy. The current is not strong enough for a fridge.

NSRI West Coast Station 18

Contact Person:  Rhine Barnes

Telephone number: 071 418 8068

Email address:

We love the sea and combine this love with our commitment to help others.

We have strong family values as individuals, as stations and as an organisation.

We care about people. The medical care that we provide extends this value to the people we rescue.

We are a proud organisation. Proud of the service we deliver, proud of each other and proud to be South African.

We are accountable to the people who we serve, for the service that we deliver and to each other for support.

We value the safety of our crews and that of our patients above everything. And we don’t compromise in ensuring their well-being at sea.


Huis Wittekruin Aftree oord

Contact Person: Karin Hubbard

Telephone number: 022 713 2230/9

Email address:


  •  Huis Wittekruin bied versorging vir verswakte bejaardes in dubbel en enkel kamers.
  • Daar is ook ‘n beperkte aantal enkel en dubbel woonstelle vir bejaardes
  • Leefreg Wooneenhede – Woonreg word gekoop by GHBM wanneer daar persone uit trek of testerwe kom gee GHBM (‘n Artikel 21 maatskappy van die N. G. Kerk) weer die volle bedrag terug. “Ons Dien Met Deernis”


Basiese dienste wat Huis Wittekruin aanbied sluit in, veilige verblyf, versorging, maaltye asook Godsdiens en sosiale aktiwiteite.  Die gemeenskap en kerke asook diensorganisasies en vrywilligers lewer ook ‘n belangrike bydae.

Die volgende etes word aan die verskillende afdelings voorsien:

  •  Kamers:  3 maaltye per dag.
  • Woonstel:  Middagete, inwoners voorsien self ontbyt en aandetes.  (Die maaltye in dag is opsioneel.)
  • Leefreg:  Middagete is deel van die Diensvlak Heffing.  Inwoners voorsien self ontbyt en aandete.




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