Radio Houtstok 100.6 FM is committed to the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa’s Free-to-Air Code of Conduct for Broadcasting Service Licensees.

We commit to not broadcast material:

  • which reflects violence and hate speech;

  • which is harmful or disturbing to children;

  • which contains material of sexual conduct;

  • which reflects any offensive or abusive language,

We commit to

  • programs which is suitable and acceptable to our audiences;

  • programs which is entertaining and educational;

  • news which is accurate, truthful and in the correct context and in a fair manner, without intentional or negligent departure from the facts, whether by distortion, exaggeration or miss-presentation, material omissions or summarisation;

  • comment that is honest expression of opinion which is presented in such a manner that it appears to be comment, based on facts truly stated or fairly indicated and referred to and only on actions or events of public importance;

  • to make reasonable efforts to fairly present opposing points of view either in the same program or in a subsequent program forming part of the same series of programs presented within a reasonable period of time of the original broadcast and within substantially the same time slot;

  • to exercise exceptional care and consideration in matters involving the privacy, dignity and reputation of individuals, bearing in mind that the said rights may be overridden by a legitimate public interest.

Complaints can be directed to the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa at the following address:

PO Box 412365, CRAIGHALL, 2024

Or by E-mail to

By Fax to (011) 326 3198

Or by Telephone at (011) 326 3130





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